When all the relevant data would be stored in a central location, it can create tremendous value for an organisation. Many new insights can be generated by performing analyses on (semi-) structured data.


One of the greatest IT challenges that organisations now face is to centralise data. Often it is already difficult to get own generated data in one location, let alone the data that is generated by third parties. How do you get this data together? How do you keep this data collection up-to-date? And how do you get value from this? BigData.Company has developed a two-tier service, which enables an organisation to be more data-driven.

Data Lake Exploration

A Data Lake project can only be successful if it is clear which data sources need to be linked. When this has been studied, an architecture design needs to be made for this. A cost estimate for the technical implementation will be made, depending on several different factors (such as the number of data sources, frequency of change, type of connectivity and the needs of the organisation). In there different scenarios will be incorporated so organisations can decide which scenario fits them best.

Data Lake Technologie Implementation

BigData.Company has developed technology – hardware and software – for bringing in data from different sources real time. Then storing these raw data in a structured way so that it is searchable. The Data Lake consists of (semi) structured data so that it is possible to link this to analysing tools that are suitable for Big Data.