Data editing can be difficult. Suppose as an organisation you have personal sensitive data, but you have no binding target for the use of this information for other purposes. One way to use these data is to anomise them: then the data are no longer traceable to one person. From that moment on the data may also be used for other purposes than in which they were collected.


It is not easy to anonymise and prepare large amounts of data for analysis. It’s possible that within the organisation there is no knowledge, skills or time to do these operations. BigData.Company has an automated solution to to edit privacy-sensitive data locally so that the organisation can use the data for analysis and can create value. The solution is twofold.


Assembly Exploration & Prototype

To do editing in a proper manner, it is important to gain insight into data sources that need to be anonymised. This exploratory study examines which type of operation is necessary and a prototype will be developed for this.




Assembly Technologie Implementation

BigData.Company has developed technology – hardware and software – for being able to anonymise data sets real time. Both the hardware and the software are located in the organisation. Personal sensitive data will therefore never leave the organisation. In the technical implementation data sources / data sets will be linked to the platform and edited in real-time. We offer this solution for both short-term (or one-off operation) as well as on a continuous and systematic way.