Video: ‘Is privacy becoming a luxury good?’

Science talk Julia Angwin

An interesting talk by Julia Angwin during the ‘2014 Strata Conference + Hadoop World’ in New York City. 


Nowadays it is almost impossible not to leave (personal) information behind. In everything we do, we generate data. Whether it’s calling, texting, online shopping or surfing on the Internet. It has become a challenge to remain (fully) anonymous online. We are being watched. And with today’s technology and tools available, it has become possible for anyone to supervise.


But sometimes you want to protect the information. Privacy is in fact an important part in our lives. However, it seems with the advent of Big Data and the current technology, that privacy has become an increasingly challenging good. Julia explains in the video how much she has spent trying to protect her privacy, and raises the question of whether we want to live in a society where only the rich can buy their way out of ubiquitous surveillance.


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