Mark (BDC) als spreker bij Strata + Hadoop World!

presentatie mark

Strata + Hadoop World op 5-7 mei 2015 in Londen, UK


Strata + Hadoop World is DE plek waar Big Data’s meest invloedrijke besluitvormers, strategen, architecten, ontwikkelaars en analisten bij elkaar komen om de toekomst van hun bedrijven en technologieën vorm te geven. Mark Dijksman heeft eerder als bezoeker een aantal van deze conferenties bezocht in o.a. New York & Barcelona. Deze keer was Mark gevraagd om te spreken op het congres in Londen! Hij stond nu dus aan de andere kant van de zaal. Tijdens deze sessie heeft Mark voornamelijk verteld over de zelfredzaamheid-applicatie die BigData.Company ontwikkeld heeft. Lees hieronder de beschrijving van zijn sessie of bekijk de video van zijn presentatie:



“With the ageing of the Dutch population and the public budget cuts, the Dutch parliament is pressing the need for self-sufficiency. A huge responsibility will be deposited with municipalities, which in turn rely on the citizen’s own power in their own social context. Self-sufficiency is about the ability to survive in the current situation in a specified area of life. The self-organising, maintaining and / or reducing professional help are in this definition an important asset.


Traditionally, the self-sufficiency of citizens is measured in a paper-based approach on an individual level. In cooperation with a municipality and other parties, we have developed a big data software solution that combines (un)structured data from lots of sources and analyse and present the self-sufficiency of citizens per district level. The dashboard allows civil servants or district-teams to view trends in self-sufficiency over time. They are also able to measure the effect of their intervention. Using the dashboard, it is possible for municipalities to make decisions based on information based on statistical data. Thereby spending the available resources more efficient and effective.


Currently, we are implementing the solution in the four biggest cities of the Netherlands. We are aiming to predict the future trends of self-sufficiency per municipal district. This is a new form of policy information. In this manner civil servants and district-teams receive early warning signals that enable them to prevent degradation in self-sufficiency.”


Bekijk de website voor meer informatie over o.a. het programma en de sprekers:

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