privacy1 copyWe follow the design, development and use of the platform by the Privacy-by-Design principle. That means that BigData.Company follows the guidelines of the Data Protection Act (DPA) and the European privacy guidelines.


Collection, Processing & Storage


The data are coming from the Internet and from sources that are provided by cooperating organisations. Both public as private. The datascraper – the mechanism that collects the data – has been set in a way that de collected data can’t be lead back to a specific person. There won’t be data collected that’s related to personal data.

The platform links data sources together and combines the data. So stacks are made clear at the time that different data sources tell something about the same parameter. On our cloud servers, person sensitive data will never be processed.

The collected data is stored on our servers. The storage takes place at a European organisation, so that the data is subject to European privacy regulations. The data won’t be provided to third parties and won’t be stored longer than necessary.

What is allowed with data





Open Data. Is publicly accessed data and can be used under any circumstances.



Aggregated Data. Can be freely used if the data is not traceable to any person.



Personal Data. For sensitive data is a processing agreement required.